Clothing and Equipment for Sailing Club


Water shoes We have a beach of pebbles and rocks at the water line.  Sandals and open shoes (Crocs) don’t work because the pebbles get inside.  Water shoes, hiking boots (online at West Marine), or old sneakers are all good.  If you don’t have proper shoes you will not be enthusiastic about helping with launching and putting boats away.  That places an underserved burden on students who are properly dressed.  Wool socks, even when wet, help keep your feet warm.

Personal Flotation Device (a life preserver) is required whenever a club member is in or on the water.  The club has a few PFDs available on a first come-first served basis; however having your own, properly fitted, is more comfortable.  Highly recommended.

Clothing appropriate for the air and water temperature Bring a backpack or small duffle on sailing days.  Quick-dry polyester or nylon is much better than cotton.  In the coming weeks having the right clothing to stay warm will affect your pleasure and your attendance more than anything.